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Dear students and Friends,

On March 15 the government of Spain has declared the alert state throughout the country with a duration of 15 calendar days due to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, with measures to prevent contagion. These measures contemplate the restriction of people’s displacement and economic activities (except cases of force majeure) starting this Monday.

Facing this situation, Dencanto Community wants to convey to you our feeling that the most important thing is your health. It is time to be responsible and in solidarity with society, respecting these rules that will make us get back to normality if we all comply with them.

Starting this Monday, all Dencanto Community partner schools will remain closed until the end of the alarm status and until new notifications that we will transmit to you.

The policy that we will apply to facilitate this situation will be the following:

  • Current Students: Students who prefer to return home, should inform the school or send an email at info@dencantocommunity.com as soon as possible. We will keep the weeks not taken for the next 12 months.
  • Current students who wish to stay in Spain: Our administration, teachers, and cleaning staff will continue to work. Students will stay in their accommodation, and we will take good care of them. Lessons will continue online with the same study materials following the regular schedule. We will immediately inform students by email and give instructions on how to work with the online system, which is very easy.
  • Students who have not started their courses yet: They can postpone their course and accommodation at no cost for anytime during the following 12 months.
  • Students who are considering booking: In these times of uncertainty, we apply maximum flexibility to reservations. Students will be able to postpone their course and accommodation until everything has been solved.

We are sure that with everyone’s effort and these actions that are being taken, we will soon overcome this situation, becoming even more reinforced.

Thank you for your attitude!

Best wishes and stay safe.

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