Taking a Spanish course in Spain during traditional festivals is a great chance to learn about the culture of the country and its unique customs, living an unforgettable immersion experience. Easter is undoubtedly one of those special moments to be in Spain.

We have already explained the meaning of Easter in Spain and its main elements in one of the previous posts post, and today we are telling you about the best places where to enjoy it.

Easter in Spain: Seville

Seville is known for having that special color, and during Easter the atmosphere of this city is absolutely magical. Seville is the city where this  “Semana Santa” week is more intense that anywhere, since it was there, where its origins took place. One of the most recommended processions is the Virgen de la Macarena which locals adore.

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Easter in Spain: Malaga

This wonderful coastal city has all it takes to be an ideal destination to visit during Easter. The thrones full of flowers, the impressive clothing that the figures of the Virgins are dressed in, the beautiful “saetas” – religious songs  that the woman with mantillas sing, etc. It will get you, it will touch your soul.  If you decide to come to Malaga, don’t miss the procession of “La Pasión”, it’s worth seeing.

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Semana Santa Málaga

Easter in Spain: Granada

This city has more than 32 brotherhoods, and it’s hard to think of a more breathtaking setting to enjoy the processions in. We recommend that you do not miss the procession of the “Christ of the Gypsies” whose route takes place in the Carrera del Darro with the Alhambra behind.

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Semana Santa Granada

Easter is definetely one of the best moments to enjoy a rich immersion both in the language and in the culture. That’s why we strongly recommend you experience Easter in Spain next year taking a Spanish course.

Elena Domínguez

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