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studying abroad

What are the benefits of studying abroad?

Studying abroad may seem super scary, but the benefits totally outweigh the potential negatives. Studying abroad will majorly benefit your personal development, as well as giving you transferrable skills that will gleam on your CV, and, of course, improve your language skills.

Benefits of studying abroad: Confidence

Spending an extended period of time abroad will do wonders for your confidence. It does seem scary to think about, and it will definitely take you out of your comfort zone, but it will be worth it. It will present a lot of challenges like using the language and figuring out public transport, and just generally getting used to life in a strange new country. However, you will get over these hurdles within a short time, navigating life abroad comfortably and confidently. It may seem like a hard feat to overcome, but once you do, you will feel invincible and your confidence will shine through! 

Benefits of studying abroad: Independence

This means freedom! You get to be a ‘proper’ adult with no one to boss you around and tell you that a whole tub of ice cream at 2am is not a meal. However, living independently requires responsibility and you can learn valuable skills in doing so. You will learn how to budget, cook, and do the laundry, and all about the boring stuff like bills and insurance etc. – all with the added difficulty of a foreign language. You’ll come back home a fully-fledged adult!

Benefits of studying abroad: Travel opportunities

The world is truly your oyster – living in a new country gives you a plethora of new cities and even surrounding countries to explore. It’s easier and cheaper than ever to move around surrounding cities and countries by train, plane, or bus, so grab the opportunity with both hands and go and explore! You’ll be able to enrich your understanding of the culture of the country, noticing all the cultural nuances from city to city. You might even notice some similarities between countries.

Benefits of studying abroad: Improving your language skills

There’s no better way to improve your language skills than being constantly exposed to the language every day wherever you go. You will be actively communicating every day with native speakers, but even in your downtime you will be able to improve your listening comprehension and vocabulary by watching TV or listening to the radio. If you prefer a more proactive approach, one of the best ways of improving your language skills while abroad is enrolling in a language course. For example, our website has plenty of Spanish courses in Spain, in a variety of cities, which are totally customizable to your needs and schedule, giving you the perfect opportunity to make some progress in your language-learning.

Benefits of studying abroad: Transferrable skills

By studying abroad, your CV will stand out against other candidates’. It will demonstrate that you are confident and independent (as mentioned above), and willing to go out of your comfort zone. Your experience abroad will also demonstrate your ability to adapt to new and unfamiliar situations, and of course your linguistic and cultural knowledge. With some time spent abroad under your belt, you’ll be able to bag your dream job!

Studying abroad will not only help your practical skills like speaking and understanding the language, but it will also help you learn valuable lessons about life and respecting and embracing other cultures. If you want to give it a go, we have plenty of Spanish courses in Spain to start you on your next adventure.

Sophie Lauro

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