As the summer season arrives, the best activities begin at the camps for children and teenagers. This is the perfect time for them to get out of the routine, meet new friends, enjoy unique experiences and the best outdoor activities.

Horseback riding, water activities, outdoor games or cultural visits are just some of the many activities that international students can do in some of the best summer camps in Spain. At Dencanto Community we offer different options of summer camps and programmes for teenagers, that are designes for them to learn Spanish while enjoying new experiences and have fun.

Types of summer camp activities

Summer camps in Spain are the perfect option for children to do different original activities. It is the best time to try new things, experiment and enjoy experiences they have never had before.

Sports activities

Practicing outdoor sports children can have non-stop fun and exercise at the same time. Volleyball competitions on the beach, football matches, playing paddleball on the seashore or shooting baskets are just a few ideas of sports activities for a summer camp. The usual sports can be complemented with new sports activities such as surfing, cycling, canoeing, hiking, dancing or archery. 

In addition, sports activities are a great way to encourage teamwork and collaboration. The aim should not be to win but to enjoy the game together, to have fun and to be a team player.

Water activities

Water activities are a must at a summer camp in Spain! There is no better way to beat the heat than enjoying canoeing, swimming, surfing, snorkelling, windsurfing or any other sport that has to do with the sea.

Fun is guaranteed when it comes to water activities in the sea or in the pool. It is also a unique opportunity to enjoy nature at the same time.

Cultural and leisure activities

Any summer camp also needs some cultural and leisure activities for young people to learn more about the place, city or town where the camp is being held. Cultural visits complement the programme perfectly, helping students to learn more about the history, art and culture of the place.

Learn Spanish and enjoy the summer at a camp

At the summer camps that we offer at Dencanto Community students will be able to live an authentic Spanish immersion experience in the best places in Spain. Apart from all the activities that are carried out in Spanish, they will have 20 Spanish classes per week, which will allow them to improve their level. It is the best way to learn the language meeting new people and having fun. An unforgettable summer experience!

Find out more about Summer camps in Spain and download the complete catalogue on our website.

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