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Mealtimes in Spain: When to eat?

Gastronomy is one of the most important parts of any country’s culture. Spain is characterized by a type of diet and meal schedules adapted to the climate and the Mediterranean culture. Spaniards usually have between 3 and 5 meals a day. The first one takes place in the morning and the last one 2 hours...Read More
escuelas de español en Valenica Taronja

Spanish schools in Valencia: get to know Taronja

Valencia is the perfect city to study Spanish in Spain! Why? Because it has a multicultural atmosphere and it is well connected with other Spanish cities. Apart from that, Valencia is a coastal city with a lot to offer, it’s impossible to get bored there. And of course, there you will have the opportunity to...Read More

Andalusian fairs: The best fairs to see in the region

The Andalusian Fairs are festivals that encapsulate most Spanish traditions in a few days. Each city in Andalusia has their own, unique to the area and different to the rest. However, they all have something in common: a lot of fun, joy, traditional Andalusian wine, and a touch of flamenco. What is an Andalusian Fair...Read More
best books to read in spanish

The best books to read in Spanish

Studying Spanish doesn´t have to be a chore, but quite the opposite. The most important thing to do in order to make effective progress is to take advantage of every opportunity to practice your Spanish. The ideal thing to do would be to travel and spend a period of time immersing yourself in the language...Read More
series españolas las chicas del cable

Five Spanish TV series that you can´t miss!

The best way to learn Spanish is through the immersion in the language and in its culture. An Intensive Spanish course in Spain, even if it´s just for a week or two, it will for sure give you the boost that you need to break the language barrier and start to speak out.  Also, you...Read More