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España en invierno: Cádiz

Winter in Spain: Best places to visit

Going to Spain at any time of year is a good idea, whether that be for a Spanish course, or just explore everything that the beautiful country has to offer. However, many people wait until the summer to come to Spain, to make the most of the hot weather, its golden beaches, and the refreshing tinto de Verano. On the other hand, we would argue that winter in Spain is also a great choice. You can get the best of Spain during the winter months, when hotels are cheaper, you can warm up with chocolate con churros, and you can still get some winter sun. In this post, we’ll tell you the best places to visit in Spain if you’re looking for a winter break.

Winter in Spain: If you want some winter sun…

The Canary Islands are the best place to start, where temperatures can still reach 20 degrees Celsius! You can keep nice and warm, and enjoy a bit of sunshine by the beach during your winter break. We would recommend Tenerife in particular, where they hold their world-famous Carnival, every year around February, the week before Lent.  The streets come alive with music, parades, and flamboyant costumes, which include plenty of feathered headdresses and glittery bikinis.


You can also experience the colour and fun with the Carnival in Cadiz, sprinkled with the unique traditions and sense of humour of the city’s people. Totally worth it! That is why February is a good time to do a Spanish course in Cádiz and live the fun of its “fiesta”.

Winter in Spain: If you want to experience a Spanish winter wonderland…

Although many may not believe it, it does actually snow in Spain, and there is no better way of making the most of the Spanish snow, than hitting the slopes at one of the county’s national parks. The best place to do this is at Granada’s Sierra Nevada ski resort. It’s located 30km away from the city, and is the southern-most ski resort in all of Europe, popular amongst both locals and tourists.

There are many things to do in Granada, apart from skiing in Sierra Nevada. Winter is also the best opportunity to experience the most-visited monument in Spain and UNESCO World Heritage site, the Alhambra palace in the heart of Granada. Crowds are sparse and you can really take in the magic of the Nasrid Palace and the beautiful gardens of the Generalife.

You can enjoy everything that this beautiful city offers if you choose to take a Spanish course in Granada.

Granada Alhambra

Winter in Spain: If you want to avoid the crowds…

Winter is the ideal time to visit the main tourist hotspots in Spain, as there are next to no tourists and you can appreciate all the culture that Spain has to offer at your own pace. The best place to discover the best of Spain’s culture without the bustle and stress of hoards of tourists is Madrid. It has by far the best selection of museums and art galleries, including the Prado Museum and Reina Sofía museum, and you can take leisurely strolls on crisp winter afternoons in the Retiro Park.

With a Spanish course in Madrid you will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, make new friends and together discover everything that the charming capital of Spain offers.


If you would like to experience the best of what Spain has to offer – the wild festivities, the glistening snow, the unique traditions, and the many museums and sights to see – make sure to book a Spanish course in Spain in winter! Take a look at the many courses and destinations that we offer on our website, wrap up warm, and start your winter adventure.


Sophie Lauro

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